Frequently Asked Questions about GATTS' Courses & Training

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Where in the world is Manhattan, KS?

Manhattan, the home of Kansas State University, is approximately 120 miles straight west of Kansas City.

How can I get there?

If you are not flying into Manhattan in your own aircraft, you can fly commercially into Kansas City International (KMCI).

There are several daily flights from Manhattan Regional to Dallas/Fort Worth and Chicago. Also, you can rent a car if you fly into Kansas City International (KMCI) and then drive over. It’s a simple trip over on I-70. There is also a shuttle service (KCI Road Runner) that drives between KC Airport and Manhattan.

Will my plane be hangared while I’m there?

Yes, in our 7000 square feet, heated hangar (heat not required in the summer).

Do I need to have my written passed before I take a course?

If you are wanting to attend a 7-Day Instrument, 3-Day Commercial or 5-Day CFII course, you need to have the written completed prior to arrival.

What if I don’t pass my check-ride?

We will work with you, at no extra charge, on the areas of need and then you will retest on those areas only.

What if the weather gets so bad that we can’t fly?

There are plenty of items that need to be covered in the classroom! We’ll then fly again as soon as Mother Nature allows. There are no extra charges due to weather delays!

What if I need to reschedule my training dates?

We understand that life happens! We just ask that you reschedule as soon as possible. Your deposit is always applicable to any training with GATTS. Deposits are non refundable however. Please see our Rescheduling Policies & Procedure.

What if it I need some extra training?

No extra charge!

Are there ever any extra charges?


Where will I be staying?

You will be lodging in you own, fully equipped, one bedroom apartment located in the beautiful and historic Wareham Apartments. The Wareham is located in the heart of downtown Manhattan. You’ll be within walking distance to many restaurants and shops. We also utilize the Fairfield Inn when there is a need as well.

What will I be driving?

Sorry, but it won’t be a Corvette, Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche! It will be however a clean, later model car that is dependable enough to transport you around town and to the airport everyday. They won’t win any car shows or drag races but they’ll provide you with good transportation while you’re with us.

Are there any hidden or extra fees of any kind?


Do you guarantee that I’ll pass my check-ride?

There is no guarantee that you’ll pass your checkride on the first attempt. In fact, you should be leery of any school that promises that you will! We will work with you at no additional charges until you do achieve the proper level of skills required and you successfully complete the given ride.

What’s an average day like?

Normally, we begin at 8:30 and finish no later than 6:00pm. Each day you will have classroom sessions, flights and simulator sessions (if required). The days are full and well structured but are no means overwhelming. We want our pilots to get the most out of their time here but it’s not boot camp!

Do I have to study at night?

Only if you choose to. You instructor may ask you to spend a few minutes reviewing certain aspects of the day but generally speaking, there are no large assignments to complete in the evenings. We would rather that you go home, relax, have a good night sleep and be fresh for the next day. There is a fine line between getting the most out of you day as possible and hitting a point of diminishing returns.

Will I be in the classroom with other students?

No. All of your training will be one on one.

I see that GATTS offers an Instrument Instructor course but do you offer a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) course?

We DO NOT offer a CFI course. We only offer a CFII to pilots who already hold CFI certificates.

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