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Originators of 7-Day IFR & Real-World IFR

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GATTS is the only flight training institution in the nation that focuses all of its attention on the safety and proficiency of the “part-time” general aviation pilot.

With over 28 years in the business and over 40 years of combined experience, we provide personal, one-on-one training with instructors in instrument ratings, IFR refreshers, commercial certification, and more!

Military instructors have long understood the value of consecutive, structured, and efficient training. Utilizing many of the same techniques, we go beyond the antiquated General Aviation methods that are the norm in accelerated flight training.

If safety, savings, and time top your list of priorities as they do ours, then GATTS is your school of choice. With us, you will never encounter hidden costs—we guarantee that.

Military Discount Available

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