Second to None


I want to thank you and your staff for all your help and hospitality during my instrument training this last ten days. Your facility and method of teaching are second to none. I really feel that I learned more about my airplane and the operations of the plane, and above all my piloting skills than any other type of instruction I have had. I really feel a lot safer flying even in VFR conditions.

I really want to thank you for putting me with Chris Kopper. Chris is a class act and is a real asset to your operation. Chris really got me through the last 2 days when I was doubting myself about passing the check ride.

Thanks again sincerely,

Received Much More Than Expected

Dear Jason, Dale, Kelsey,

I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed myself a few months ago during the commercial course. I had simply accepted the fact that flight training is always problematic and frustrating due to scheduling, mechanical failure, etc. until I trained at GATTS. I received much more than I expected and just wanted to say thanks.

My ag flying job only lasted 5 days. The farmers this year were simply not top dressing their winter wheat due to the lack of moisture and no rain forecasted. It was a lot of fun, and I received some good training. Here are a few pictures of my GN-1 aircamper. I ended up selling it just a few days ago.

I've been spreading the good word about GATTS. Jason and Dale, you guys provide a great service and were great to work with. Kelsey, you're a superb instructor and a lot of fun.

God Bless,

Best Instruction in 30 Years of Aviation

To the GATTS Gang,I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I had an incredible time at GATTS last month. Everything was just as advertised and then some. Your facilities are top notch and the instruction was hands-down, the best that I have ever received in my 30 years in aviation. I didn't think that I'd ever be able to fly with confidence in the Instrument system and in IMC conditions, but I have done it almost daily since I've been home.

Before deciding on GATTS for my Instrument training, my partners and I did some research. We found that there are a lot of companies advertising 7 and 10-day style Instrument courses these days. They all guarantee something or another and all appear to be about the same until you look a little closer. In fact, one organization that claims to specialize in "Single Pilot IFR" appears to have copied the GATTS program verbatim. Upon further investigation, we found that these folks were actually employed by GATTS at one time. Although they looked good on the surface, I'm glad that we did our homework and decided to go with the "ORIGINAL GATTS." Personally, I would be leery of training with an organization that has to copy an existing and successful program and are not experienced or knowledgeable enough to create their own. Being in aviation for 30 years myself, I know that this type of business practice is not good for this industry or anyone involved. This was just one of the many interesting bits of information that we uncovered.

The bottom line for us was that through our research, we found that no other school in the country that offers this type of training can boast the years in the industry or match the experience of GATTS. We decided that it would be best to train with the originators of the program and not a cheap copy. That was the best decision that we've made yet! (next to purchasing the SR-22!)

Thank you again for all that you've done. We'll be back!


No One Comes Close

Dear Sirs:

After getting back to Nebraska I felt like telling you how impressed I was with the treatment I received at your company. After 50 years of flying I have run the gamut of testing and training at different places but no one came close to the great way you treat your customers. Please relay this message to Brandon as I feel much safer flying after his instruction, as a matter of fact I am anxious to fly in some real IFR weather.

I would be happy to recommend your co. to any one wanting quality training. Thank you again.

Your friend,

Custom Program

Dear Mr. Wolcott:

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the exceptional job teaching me instrument flying.

Jason Wolcott did an outstanding job setting up and coordinating this training session. I recognize that GATTS does not normally do IFR finish-ups, and yet, Jason was kind enough to spend considerable time to examine my previous IFR flight training and craft a custom program uniquely suited to my needs. My living arrangements were first-rate, and throughout my stay, it was evident that Jason was genuinely concerned about my needs, my comfort, and my satisfaction level. It was his attention to detail that allowed my flight training to be efficient and worry-free.

I cannot speak more highly of my flight instructor, Brandon Roenbaugh. Start to finish, Brandon was the consummate professional, presenting a feeling of quiet confidence. He managed to deliver a substantial amount of knowledge in a very short period of time in a clear, easy to understand manner, and developed my confidence to create a low-stress environment which allowed me to concentrate on learning. I have had quite a few instructors over the past 30 years, and Brandon is a unique blend of extremely talented pilot and excellent teacher without the overbearing ego that seems to so often accompany flight instructors. I feel fortunate to have been trained by someone of his abilities.

Brandon has recommended I take a GPS approach course and someday an IFR refresher at GATTS (not a bad salesman, either), and I have every intention of doing both. For now, I intend to fly the pants off my newly-minted IFR ticket, and I have GATTS to thanks for that opportunity.

Very best regards to all,